LoburgLive Rocks: Morrès

Fri 26 January 2018 - 23:00

Morrès is an Arnhem-Nijmegen rock trio of musicians Johan 'basso' Volman, Anco Koens (singing / guitar) and Thomas Calis (drums). The band was founded in 2013 - then as a four mand band - and has been playing in the current composition since 2016.

A solid and driving rhythm section, powerful vocals finished with melodic guitar lines, provide melodic powerpop with a lot of energy and dynamics, from sturdy rock songs to fragile ballads - with some jazzy influences. Music with space, a mix of The Police meets Muse: energy, dynamics, emotion.

Highlights since its inception include, for example, a live performance on Veronica's Countdown Café and release of the Still album in 2015, with the band collaborating with Dolf Jansen, who took account of the title track.

In 2016 with the arrival of drummer Thomas, Morrès became the rock trio that they are now. New music was written for the successor to the first EP, which resulted in the 5-track EP A Good Day, recorded in the Arnhem Studio Sound Vision and produced by George Konings.

A Good Day is an EP with 4 solid tracks and a ballad. The music generally has a happy, energetic vibe, often in contrast to the often melancholic texts, but at the same time an ode to life itself. That will be reflected in the Artwork, both on the EP cover and in the clips.

The EP was presented on 15 September 2017 in LuxorLive in Arnhem. Simultaneously with the release of the album "A Good Day", the single "Once" will be launched, complete with clip.

DATE: Friday Januari 26, 2018
TIME: 23:00