LoburgLive Rocks: Raw Flowers

Fri 16 March 2018 - 23:00

'Hope and comfort for disappointed progressives and instant satisfaction for the melancholics. Here are Raw Flowers! "We use that again, thought the Achterhoek guitar band when announced by the futile presenter. "From your balls, Law!" He added.

That's how it happened.

Guitarist Paul Diersen and frontman Lawrence Mul - who share a common love for garage, classic rock, protopunk and murder ballads - started Raw Flowers late 2012. Songs with elements from those genres must come around. Attic room sessions - bouncing ideas back and forth - prove the method and all the two materials have enough for the big picture.

The band, which is then completed by Ilja Vaags and Clemens Mul, plays energy shows from festivals, popcorn, pubs and halls throughout the country from day one. In 2014, the titled and well-received debut album will be released on vinyl, followed by the singles Pharaoh's Blues and Semper Fi. Now they are back! With master brewer and advocate Raymond Grevink on bass, the beast is hungry again.
It needs to feed. 

No Time Like the Present 

The new album 'No Time Like the Present' appeared on 1 September at Kroese Records (LP / CD / digital). Raw Flowers draws the line of the debut album from 2014 by: melodic guitar work interwoven with narrative vocals. Sometimes subcutaneous, then ruthless in your face. A raw different sound harvested from 'the melting pot that's called rock' n roll '. It swings, it floats, it flows and sheds. The album was recorded in the first half of 2017 and mixed by Roy Klein Entink in Roy's Kitchen in Kotten and then mastered by Jarno Volman (Gold Soundz Mastering, Nijmegen).

DATE: Friday March 16, 2018
TIME: 23:00