LoburgLive Woetstok editie: De Dam speelt De Dijk

Sat 18 November 2017 - 23:00

After a successful performance on Woetstok Wageningen 2017, The Dam is back with its own show in Café Loburg!

Frontman Michel Peters guarantees a nice blend. The backing is provided by Judith, Frans and Lisz, trumpet by Rob and saxophone by Titus. On keyboard we have mister Wageningen: Frits Gieltjes. Frits has been playing for many years and should not be missing in this band. Our guitarist Louk (nickname Six) gives 'De Dijk' a nice dimension. The beating heart is taken care of by Arjan and last but not least on the bass Marc. Marc was an outside stranger last year but now lives in Wageningen. What Woetstok can achieve. In short, a nice combination of musicians from inside and outside Wageningen.
Come dancing on the volcano, or do not you feel well, have a big heart. Sing with us full chest

Till then …….

  • Michel Peters - vocals
  • Judith, Frans en Lisz - backing vocals
  • Rob - trompet
  • Titus - saxofoon
  • Frits Gieltjes - toetsen
  • Louk - gitaar
  • Arjan - drums
  • Marc - bas

DATE: Saturday November 18, 2017
TIME: 23:00