Morningtales bestaat 1 jaar en viert dit bij Loburg!

vr 21 maart 2014 - 20:30
Morning of the 25th of March 2013 "Once upon a time..."

One year before we started with our dream "Morning Tales (by Greek Food Tales)" in Wageningen. One whole year passed but for us looks like a week. A lot of things happened, a lot of things changed. ...We will keep the good ones and try to improve further.

We also want to celebrate it, with old and new friends. Unfortunatelly, we can not fit in our tiny place and is cold to stay outside. Also Fridays are always better than Tuesdays to party! So, we will set up a nice event in Café Loburg. Ano Kato, Greek music & workshops will open the night with Greek Rebetiko music. We will tell you our story in the break and more Greek music will follow till late at night... Greek wines and beers will also be available.

Moreover, we will offer you to taste some of our nicest bites. In return we would like you to participate to our action...

We ask you for 3 euros entrance fee. The money collected from that will be a donation to the Wing "Affection" of the Papanikolaou Hospital in Greece. It is a Wing of the Hospital dedicated to people with blood diseases (leukemia etc.). 25th of was his Nameday and last year I gave him my Dream as a Present! This year I hope you help to make another nice present to the place that hosted him last...

See you all there