Jasper Somsen invites ... The Jasper Somsen Group

Sun 9 February 2014 - 15:30

From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from all over the world. A monthly changing selection of artist will bring you the best in Jazz on the LoburgLive Stage.

On Sunday February 9, Jasper will perform with his own Jasper Somsen Group
Bert Lochs (trumpet), Florian Zenker (guitar) & Pieter Bast (drums). 

2009 was the year the Jasper Somsen Group was founded. Their first album: “Dreams, Thoughts and Poetry" (The music of Enrico Pieranunzi), in 2010, had very good critics in the national media and even by the composer himself. In 2013 a equel arised: “Sardegna”, this time with own compositions of the bandleader and trompettist Bert Lochs. 
This album got an average rating of  ****  in the Netherlands and abroad. In Loburg the group will perform as a quarted for the first time.without piano … what will give the music certainly an innovative perspective and a pleasant exciting character!  

For this afternoon we have an admittence fee of €10, first drink included.

DATE:  Sunday February 9,  2014
TIME: 15:30
ENTRANCE: €10, first drink included