Jasper Somsen Invites ...Bert van den Brink

Thu 21 May 2015 - 20:30

From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from all over the world. A Monthly changing selection of artist will bring you the best in Jazz on the LoburgLive Stage.

Bert van den Brink was born on juli 24,  1958. His first piano lesson he followed at the age of 5. In 1976 Bert started his study for classical piano at the Utrechts Conservatorium. Herman Uhlhorn was his teacher. In 1982 he graduated 'cum laude'. The same year Bert started as piano teacher at the Utrechts Conservatorium. 

He improvised from an early age on piano and organ, and is self-taught in that area. In the first period, Bert has regularly given classical concerts after the study, later the focus shifted to the improvised music. In 2007, Bert van den Brink was awarded the VPRO / Boy Edgar Award. Bert frequently is playing as a pianist, organist and accordeonist live, via the internet or through numerous CD's.
Unique is the CD "BLOWING" ( 2013). Bert van den Brink plays jazz and pop on the church organ.

DATE: Thursday April 23, 2015
TIME: 20:30


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